Your Strategic Partner for Amplifying Leadership Impact
With over 2 decades of leading dynamic, international teams pushing creative and technical boundaries on over 50 Hollywood movies from Harry Potter to Dune, Fred partners with leaders at all levels to amplify their impact, for greater creativity, employee engagement, and results. 
"Working with Fred has helped me grow. He knows what questions to ask from an impartial, more objective viewpoint, to help me figure out how to improve. Through various exercises, he has helped me be a better leader and better person in general. Fred pushes me, while being sensitive to my comfort level and goals with each of our sessions. He is someone I can confide in who wants the best for me, yet holds me accountable with actionable plans to bring it all to fruition."
 Brian Connor, Visual Effects Supervisor, 2022 Oscar™ Winner 
 As a technical artist Fred built and animated many complex and much loved movie creatures and characters. Faced with demanding clients, tight timelines, and several “how the (bleep) are we going to achieve this?” scenarios, Fred and his colleagues developed groundbreaking creative methodologies and software solutions to make the impossible both possible and scalable.

As a manager, Fred empowered his teams to achieve high productivity and retention, while growing their capacity to think out of the box. Fred's business knowledge, strategic focus, clear communication style, empathy, intuition, and coaching experience has accelerated continuing leadership growth at all levels within organizations. His passion, broad knowledge-base, and experience make him unmatched as a strategic partner for challenges large and small.

Fred is a Certified Professional Coactive Coach, an International Coaching Federation ACC, and a licensed Quantum Endeavors Corporate Coach. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Visual Effects Society (2024-25), and the Board of Managers of the VES Vancouver Section (2015-16, 2023-24) 

 Not one to take on any challenge half-heartedly, amongst other adventures he has competed internationally on both the British and Canadian Triathlon teams, completed 2 full Ironman endurance races, and once spent 5 months studying yoga in India with a 90 year-old guru. He also has a degree in Marine Biology and Dynamical Oceanography and a Masters in Computer Graphics.

Fred’s services include customized executive, leadership, & group coaching engagements, and leadership development programs structured to meet your unique goals and requirements. 
"Fred has helped me believe in myself, become aware of my potential, understand my emotions, and manage them in high pressure situations. He makes me feel calm, valued, and understood, and leaves me feeling more able in my ability to take risks. The sky is the limit. Being supported by Fred makes an enormous difference in what I'm capable of in my life and career."
 Marie, VFX Producer 
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