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Executive and Leadership Coaching & Training for Creative, Innovative, and Ambitious Organizations, Teams, and Individuals.

What got you here, probably won't get you there.

If insanity is repeating the same actions and expecting different results, isn't it time to try something different to achieve the outcomes you want?

For over 23 years I made the impossible possible creating realistic creatures, characters, and digital stunt doubles for over 50 Hollywood movies, from Harry Potter to Dune.

Today I help my clients transform their 
potential into reality and learn the tools and techniques they need to perform at their very best, through supportive, challenging, and customized 1:1 & group coaching and training programs.

If you're satisfied with your status quo, that's awesome.
If not, let's change it.

When you're ready for a stress free, judgement free, zero obligation chat, send me a quick message and let's make it happen.

“When a colleague first told me, 'you need to talk to Fred,' I had no idea how that advice would impact me and my career.
I was hesitant and only took the advice because I deeply trusted my colleague.

Now I tell everyone I meet who wants to grow their confidence, break out of whatever rut they're in, or realize their career, business, and life ambitions. ’Talking to Fred is a game-changer!’”

 Marie. Producer. LA  
"Working with Fred has helped me grow. He knows what questions to ask from an impartial, more objective viewpoint, to help me figure out how to improve.

Through various exercises, he has helped me be a better leader and better person in general. Fred pushes me, while being sensitive to my comfort level and goals with each of our sessions. He is someone I can confide in who wants the best for me, yet holds me accountable with actionable plans to bring it all to fruition."
 Brian Connor, Visual Effects Supervisor, 2022 Oscar™ Winner 
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