Amplifying Human Capacity
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We're not robots. Even the most disciplined humans get distracted, we procrastinate, we get stuck in unconscious patterns of thinking and acting, we react without always knowing what we're trying to achieve, we have emotions, and we need to deal with other people's emotions.

If only we were all robots, how simple life would be... and how dull.

We can also be creative, innovative, focused, passionate, driven, knowledgeable, and we can inspire, motivate, and enable others to work as teams that produce results far greater than the sum of individual contributions. What if we could have more of the great parts of being human, with less of the negative bits getting in our way?

Hi, I'm Fred. I partner with organizations, teams, and individuals to amplify their human capacity, by helping them overcome their challenges and play to their full strengths.

From Harry Potter to Dune I spent over 23 years creating creatures, digital stunt doubles, virtual vehicles, and a wide range of visual spectacles on over 50 Hollywood movies. I was always a problem solver, initially as a bridge between creative and technical worlds, using math, mechanics, and software development to create realistic organic looking motion, and later facilitating team alignment, collaboration, and communication.

The more I moved away from technical and workflow solutions and focused on understanding and supporting growth in human capacity, the more I realized how much more impactful this is both for the personal and professional growth in individuals and for business bottom line.

Whether your biggest challenges are corporate, professional, or personal, let's chat about how to get you the results you want.

“When a colleague first told me, 'you need to talk to Fred,' I had no idea how that advice would impact me and my career.
I was hesitant and only took the advice because I deeply trusted my colleague.

Now I tell everyone I meet who wants to grow their confidence, break out of whatever rut they're in, or realize their career, business, and life ambitions. ’Talking to Fred is a game-changer!’”

 Marie. Producer. LA 
Help feed my love for connecting. Whether we've known each other for decades, or we've never met, if you have a specific topic to talk about, or you just want to say hi and shoot the breeze. Send a message, or schedule a Zoom chat.

I can't wait to talk!

"Working with Fred has helped me grow. He knows what questions to ask from an impartial, more objective viewpoint, to help me figure out how to improve.

Through various exercises, he has helped me be a better leader and better person in general. Fred pushes me, while being sensitive to my comfort level and goals with each of our sessions. He is someone I can confide in who wants the best for me, yet holds me accountable with actionable plans to bring it all to fruition."
 Brian Connor, Visual Effects Supervisor, 2022 Oscar™ Winner 
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